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Ford Falcon (EF-EL) XR or Tickford Suspension Models (8/94-9/98)

March 4th, 2010

Different from other Falcon models of this year range these models were fitted with a red polyurethane steel sleeved lower control arm bush.

We have Found in many of our workshop inspections of these vehicles that the lower control arm bush can show a high degree of disintergration and bond failure causing excessive toe-in and therefore a high degree of tyre wear which can happen all too quickly.



SuperPro use a redesigned 3 piece bush which has a void style inner section and 2 outer end thrust bushes (that are easy to fit, should you be inclined to do the work yourself). Also SuperPro Bushes have very low NVH levels, maintaining a quiet and comfortable ride providing improved steering geometry.

SuperPro BushIMG_0405

Due to limited visability of the LCA Bushes you are welcome to use our free inspection service with out any obligation should your E Series be suffering tyre wear, steering wheel off centre or tyre squeal during low speed turns which is indicative of toe-in problems.