Lovells Springs for decades have been supplying upgraded springs for four wheel drives with a range of part numbers to provide the results the customer is seeking whether it be raising the vehicle (usually about 50 mm above original standard height) or increasing the load carrying capacity for those vehicles required to do that bit extra when you load up your camping gear or use it as a trades-mobile.

Lovells Springs have a reputation for reliability and performance, so much so that Lovells offer a 5 year warranty on springs in non-commercial use.

You tell us where you drive and what you need and we will come up with a solution, we are conscious of your budget and/or performance needs so come in/phone and talk to us.

We have a number of proven brands of shock absorbers which can vary the price of a kit greatly, so we have a kit for you. This is why we stock different brands of shock absorbers under the manufacturers branding so you know exactly what you are buying and not paying for a badged product.

WA Suspensions also supply and fit all your other 4X4 suspension needs including steering parts, bushes, U-Bolts and wheel alignment.